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UTS Design

UTS Scientific Instruments as an R & D company was founded in Trabzon (Turkey) Technology Developing Center in 2011. The company has focused especially on developing, designing, and manufacturing new tribological test systems. UTS is developing sophisticated test instruments for the evaluation of all types of tribological properties of materials. We developed various types of tribometers or tribological testing systems for research and quality assessment in the industry and academia for wear, friction, and lubrication studies. The latest one is called "UTS TRIBOLOG" as a multifunctional tribometer. The company also developed a new brake and friction material testing system. The company is developing standard test instruments but they can easily be modified (new features or functions can be included) according to willing of customers or researchers.

Real-Time Data Analysis With Turquoise Software

Tribosoft-µ is a user-friendly software developed by "UTS Scientific Instruments" for controlling developed all UTS Tribometers. With this user-friendly software, the automation of the device, data acquisition, data processing, and data visualization functions are performed completely. Tribosoft-µ, developed with an academic and technological perspective, is constantly updated and new versions are offered online free of charge to device users.

UTS Consultancy

UTS primarily specializes in friction, wear, and lubrication and provides consultancy in this field. UTS also provides support to local and national scale foundations or companies working especially in machinery-manufacturing areas. Consultancy is given to the related companies, foundations, and institutions to create new project ideas, new product development, certification (brand registry), and quality control. UTS is also giving tribo-test possibilities. UTS provides services on the job training to companies, especially in designing, machinery, and materials engineering areas. The company also provides consultancy to the companies and researchers for establishing R & D projects.

Testing Services

UTS Tribology Group offers tribological testing facilities with qualified academicians, engineers, and researchers. In this context, the company can provide the possibility to do tests on friction, wear, lubrication, and related areas by the infrastructure. For this purpose, there are various modular tribometers that can perform several tribological tests within the company. On the other hand, the company also offers testing services for the brake and friction materials by new generation testing units developed by itself. These tests are carried out according to the standards related to the brake and frictional materials.


UTS engineering, considering its foundation and development, is an R & D company. The company believes that new technology products and sophisticated test tools and instruments are possible to develop and serve in markets with a strong R & D team and concept including a serious innovation phase.
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