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About Us

UTS Scientific Instruments as a R& D company was founded in Trabzon (Turkey) Technology Developing Region in 2010. The company has focused especially on developing, designing and manufacturing of new tribological test systems. Recently, UTS makes sophisticated test instruments for evaluation of all types for tribological properties of materials. It develops various types of tribometers or tribological testing systems for research and quality assessment in the industry and academia for wear, friction and lubrication studies. The company is also developing   new brake testing systems. The company develops standard testing tools but the developed tools can easily be modified (new feature or functions can be included) according to willing of costumers or researchers. UTS company also provides tribological test possibilities for the academicians, researchers and also the R& D centers of companies. Also, the company is dealing with designing and manufacturing of some other test systems used or to be able to used especially in Mechanical and Materials Engineering areas. We apply cutting-edge technology and strong design principles for our testing instruments. Company also provides consultancy to the companies and/or researchers for establishing R& D projects and teaching some packed programs like AutoCAD and SolidWorks. The company also provides career opportunities to the students making their BS, MSc and PhD. Innovation is the main concept of the company in developing new tools or instruments.

Our Mission

Designing and manufacturing sophisticated new testing systems or instruments used globally especially on tribology using cutting-edge technology with the background of academic and scientific knowledge/information.   Also, developing other testing instruments and providing research facilities on cutting edge technology in mechanical and materials engineering areas.

Our Vision 

Designing and manufacturing brand new sophisticated scientific test instruments and accomplishing this through innovation steps for achieving more effective products, processes, services and technologies.

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