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UTS Tribology Group offers tribological testing facilities with qualified academicians, engineers, and researchers. In this context, the company can provide a possibility to do tests on friction, wear, lubrication, and related areas in accordance with the infrastructure. For this purpose, various modular tribometers can perform various tribological tests within the company. On the other hand, the company also offers testing services for the brake/friction materials by new generation testing units developed by itself. These tests are carried out according to the standards related to the brake and frictional materials.

The company also provides testing services as well as consultancy on tribology, tribological systems, and tribological tests. Within this scope, some support is provided by specialist academicians and universities when necessary. Therefore, in case of contact of the persons and institutions that need tribological tests and consultancy, the services and company capabilities are informed and the tests are performed.

Tribological Test Examples:

Lubricant Testing.
Brake Pad Material Testing.
Tribological tests of particular dental materials.
Tribocorrosion Tests.
Special Fabric Material Tests.
Solid Particle Erosion Tests.

Testing Services:

Tests with Tribometers.
Tests with Brake Pad testers.
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