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R&D Team

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Prof. Dr. Gencaga PURCEK

Prof. Dr. Gencaga PURCEK
R& D Team leader 
Professor in Manufacturing Processes, Materials Science, Tribology and Tribological Tests and Testing   systems. 

Research Interests
Tribology: Friction,wear and lubrication
Designing and manufacturing oftribological test systems
Tribology and Tribological test systems 
“Processing-microstructure-mechanical property-performance” relationships in metallic materials
Severe plastic deformation techniques
Equal-channel angular extrusion/pressing (ECAE/P)
Multiple isothermal forging (MIF) 
Friction stir processing (FSP)
Ultrafine-grained and nanostructured materials 
Friction and wear of materials (TRIBOLOGY) 
Strengthening mechanisms in metallic material
Metallic biomaterials
Superplasticity at low temperature and high strain rates
Surface treatments: 
Boriding (Boronizing)
Micro-Arc and Thermal Oxidation  

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammet DEMİRTAŞ

Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammet DEMİRTAŞ
Design and Manufacturing Supervisor

Research Interests:
• Tribology
• Axiomatic design
• Process-microstructure-mechanical properties of metallic materials
• Excessive plastic deformation methods
• Ultra-fine grain metallic materials
• Superplastic behavior in metals

Harun Yanar (MSc)

Harun Yanar (MSc)
Mechanical Engineer 
Design and Manufacturing Supervisor
Mechanical Engineer (MSc)

Research Interests
Designing and manufacturing tribological test sistems
2D and 3D computer-aideddesign 
Severe plastic deformation 
Brake-pad materials and test systems 
Lining Materials and Friction Tests
Ultrafine-fine grained materials 
Reverse Engineering

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Electrical-Electronics Eng. Ali GÜNEY

Electrical-Electronics Eng. Ali GÜNEY
Research and Development Engineer

In 2010, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of the Technical University of Karadeniz was awarded. In 2015, this episode is over. Immediately after graduating from the department, he started his graduate education at the same university and continues his graduate studies. During his education as a graduate student and continuing graduate education he worked on Control systems, Digital automation, Renewable energy systems, Micro controllers.  He has worked with C ++, MATLAB, AutoCAD, PLC, Corel Draw, Microsoft World, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Visio and Eagle and these programs can be used at a good level. Now, as mentioned above, I am working on the thesis phase of my graduate education in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Technical University of Karadeniz.

Research interest
Control System
Digital Automation
Renewable Energy Systems

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