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TRIBOMETER T30M-HT is a multifunctional (modular) friction-wear-lubrication test platform developed by UTS company. The system has been designed and developed within the scope of long-term R & D studies by the scientists and engineers who expert on tribology. 
For this reason, priority is given to the fact that the developed tribometer can work in high efficiency and precision in both academic and industrial R & D studies. In addition, work stability, measurement accuracy, scientific data collection and imaging superiority and  easy to use distinguishes this tribometer from its peers. UTS TRIBOLOG can perform tribological tests according to ASTM G99, G133 and DIN 50324 and other standards related to the developed modules.   

The system and related modules are offered as modular standard production. However, special requests and additional module demands of the users are also taken into account and new testing facilities may be available with customer-specific studies.

Transportation, Aviation
Micro-Electro mechanic 
Academic and Industrial R& D 
Education Research 
Coating, Optic 
Sport and sport wear
Lubricants and Lubrication
Minerals, Mining and raw materials
Metals and Ceramics   
Composites and Polymers 



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