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Solid particle erosion (SPE) is a dynamic process which causes material removal of target surface due to repeated impingement of erodent particles. The process causes not only material loss but also performance loss, reduction in component lifetime, high maintenance/service cost and delay on active duty of structures. Erosive wear is commonly observed in helicopter rotor blades, airfoils of unmanned air vehicles, gas turbine compressor blades, wind turbine blades, high speed vehicles, pump impeller blades, and pipelines etc. Therefore, characterization, evaluation, and prevention of solid particle erosion of structures, which may be composed of metals, polymers, composites, optic surfaces, and coatings, is a vital task for manufacturer. The solid particle erosion of a target surface is dependent on several parameters such as hardness target and erodent materials, impact velocity, impingement angle, shape, and size of erodent particles. 
In consideration of abovementioned requirements and parameters, the designed SPE test system is capable of testing various materials under various conditions with high precision and consistency.


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