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Effect of resin content on tribological behavior of brake pad composite material

H.Yanar, H.Huseyin Ayar, M Demirtas, G. Purcek,  Effect Of Resin Content On Tribological Behavior Of  Brake Pad Composite Material,Industrial Lubrication and Tribology.2018- İmpressing.

This paper aims to investigate the effect of straight phenolic resin content on the fade behavior, frictions and wear characteristics of predetermined brake pad composite matrix having specific amount of barite (BaSO4), rock wool, Kevlar, graphite and magnetite.
Different amount of resin ranging between 16 and 20 wt. per cent were added by changing only the filler (barite) content of composite matrix. Subsequently, friction and wear behavior of the composite samples were analyzed using a special pin-on-disc type test system developed for brake pad sample. The worn surfaces were investigated by SEM and three-dimensional (3D) surface profilometer.
The average coefficient of friction (CoF) of composite samples and temperature of the disc surface showed a linear increase with decreasing the resin content. The sample having 20 wt. per cent resin showed the minimum wear rate with smooth worn surface. But the amount of fade is quite high in that sample. Decreasing resin content decreased the fade formation, and the composite with 16 per cent resin brought about the minimum fade formation. As the fade formation is unwanted in brake pad applications, the composite with 16 wt. per cent resin was proposed as the most appropriate one considering the performance parameters related to friction and wear.This paper optimizes the resin content of composite brake pad materials to achieve the best combination of its triboperformance and mechanical properties and provides valuable information for scientists and engineers working in that area.
Keywords:Friction material, Brake pad composite

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