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Wear and corrosion resistance enhancement of chromium surfaces through graphene oxide coating

DoğuşÖzkan⁠, YamanErarslan⁠, CemKıncal⁠, OğuzhanGürlü, M. Barış YAĞCI  Wear and corrosion resistance enhancement of chromium surfaces through graphene  oxide coating,    Surface and Coatings Technology - 391 (2020),  125595

Abstracts:  Corrosion and wear protection of metals are crucial for all industrial applications. Graphene oxide (GO) is a chemically modified form of graphene and is highly promising for corrosion inhibition. Although corrosion protection of metal surfaces by the use of graphene oxide has been well investigated, anti-wear reduction of graphene oxide has not been studied especially under lubricated condition. In this work, Cr coated steel ring wascoated with GO by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition that hasn't been reported in the literature yet. The corrosion resistance of the coatings was evaluated by potentiodynamic polarization, immersion tests and the wear behavior of the coatings was investigated underlubricated conditions. Here we show that GO  coated piston rings showed excellent corrosion resistance at extreme corrosive media. Our results also show that  GO reacts with ZDDP and forms tribofilm that provides additional wear resistance to the ring, whichr esulted in  very effective wear protection because of no wear scar observation on the ring surface.

Keywords:    Grapheneoxide, Pistonrings, Corrosion rate, Raman analysis, Boundary lubrication condition, The coefficient of friction

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