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Friction and wear enhancement of magnetron sputtered bilayer Cr–N/TiB2 thin-film coatings

Doğuş Özkan,  Friction and wear enhancement of magnetron sputtered bilayer Cr–N/TiB2 thin-film coatings, Wear Available online (19 May 2020)- 203344 doi.org/10.1016/j.wear.2020.203344

Abstract: In this study, AISI52100 steel surfaces were coated with bilayer Cr–N/TiB2 thin films in total thickness of 65 and 120 nm by magnetron sputtered physical vapor deposition (PVD). The CrN/TiB2 thin-films deposited under 10 and 20 sccm N2 flow whereas no N2 flow was used for Cr/TiB2 thin film. The friction and wear behaviors of these bilayer thin-films consisting of metallic (Cr)/ceramic (TiB2) and ceramic(CrN)/ceramic(TiB2) layers were investigated via the tribometer tests under unlubricated and lubricated conditions. Bilayer thin-films were characterized by nanoindentation, microscopic and spectroscopic analysis. Results showed that N2 flow has significant effects on mechanical characteristics of bilayer coatings. Furthermore, the Cr/TiB2 thin film with a high porosity showed good tribological performance under 2 GPa contact pressure whereas CrN/TiB2 thin film deposited at high N2 flow with thicker and harder mechanical properties showed the best tribological behavior at 2.41 GPa contact pressure at the lubricating conditions.

Keywords: PVD coatingsSurface topographyBoundary lubricationSurface analysisAFMTribochemistry

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