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UTS Design

UTS as a R& D company was founded in Trabzon/Turkey Technology Developing Region. The company has focused especially on developing, designing and manufacturing of new tribological test systems. Recently, UTS makes its sophisticated test instruments for evaluation of all types for tribological properties of materials. We develops various types of multi-functional (modular) tribometers for research and quality assessment in the industry and academia for wear, friction and lubrication studies. The company is also developing new brake testing systems. The company develops standard testing tools but the developed tools can easily be modified (new feature or functions can be included) according to willing of costumers or researchers.

Real Time Data Analysis With Turquoise Software

Turquoise V3.0 is a user friendly software recently developed by “UTS Scientific Instruments” with DESISTEK ROBOTİC as solution partner of the company considering a strong academic /technologic perspective for controlling developed all UTS Tribometers. This is an automation, data processing and analyzing software. Continuous real time data acquisition of friction, temperature and wear depth signals during measurement can be detected with the advantage of a comfortable data structure. It has friction force and friction coefficient threshold auto-protection. It has also a user friendly inter-face structure by which it is easy to collect and display of the data during or after the tests. 

Uts Consultancy

UTS is giving consultancy support in local and national scale foundations or companies working especially on machinery-manufacturing areas. Consultancy is given to the related companies, foundations and institutions to create new project ideas, new product developing, certification (brand-registry) and quality control. UTS is also giving tribo-test possibilities. UTS provides services on the job training to the companies especially on designing, machinery and materials engineering areas. Company also provides consultancy to the companies and/or researchers for establishing R& D projects.  

Testing Services

UTS company offers tribological testing facilities with qualified academicians, engineers and researchers. In this context, the company can provide possibility to do tests on friction, wear, lubrication and related issues in accordance with the infrastructure. For this purpose, there are various tribometers and different test modules which can perform various tribological tests within the company. The company provides testing services  as well as consultancy on the tribology, tribological systems and tribological tests. Within this scope, some supports are provided from specialist academicians and universities when necessary. Therefore,       in case of contact of the persons and institutions that need tribological tests and consultancy,   the services and company capabilities are informed   and the tests are performed.     


UTS engineering, considering its foundation and development, is a start-up R& D company. The company believes that new technological products and sophisticated test tools and instruments are possible to develop and serve into markets by a strong R& D team and concept including a serious innovation phase.  
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